Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Me duelen las manos

Supongo que all Latin percussionists know esto - pero my hands hurt. Mucho. As in, I can play for just a minute or two, then caramba! My hands are killing me. And it's not just pain in the músculos - eso podría aguantar. Me parece que es algo más dañoso - mis articulaciones y huesos, joints and bones. Se siente como voy a dañar mis dedos. Playing conga drum or the bongos, por lo menos the head is somewhat soft - cuero duro, pero más suave que la madera. I know I can play with the brushes (¿escobillas?) or even drumsticks (palos?), but most of the time people just play solamente usando las manos. Es posible que pueda endurecer them up - por ejemplo, when I get a chance to play the guitar regularly, my fingertips get great calluses on them. I guess all I can do is hope that my palms - especially the area around the joints - toughen up in that same way. Otherwise, I just can't imagine how much damage years of this is going to do to my hands.

Cualquier sugerencias están bienvenidas.

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